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RG Image Studio

Personal Styling

Your healthy relationship with Fashion.

RG Image Studio aims to coach people who want to upgrade their image and style to thrive in their goals. As an Image Consultant, Fashion Stylist, and Business Developer, our services are meant to guide you toward a healthy relationship with fashion. We offer a transformational space where clients can find themselves through the power of fashion. The mission is to make you remember: you look best when you Look Like You.


"Style is a deeply personal expression of who you are, and every time you dress, you are asserting a part of yourself." 

Image Consulting

We will submerge into a process to transform your closet, your shopping habits, and your image. It is not just about putting outfits together and shopping for what you need, but a learning experience so you can dress and shop for yourself. Image consulting involves a personalized and strategic approach to enhancing your appearance to achieve specific or general goals. We have an established methodology but will make sure to tailor it to your specific needs.

10 Reasons why you need a Personal Stylist

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1. You will gain knowledge about yourself for a lifetime (and lifestyle).

2. Shop better, less and smarter. No more impulsive purchases or guessing games.

3. You will look better and know exactly why.

4. Save time every day dressing up.

5. The Paradox of Choice: actually the less you own, the easier to decide.

6. You will feel comfortable in your style identity we will develop.

7. You will have a functional and organized closet.

8. In the middle and long term, is money saving.

9. You will feel confident in your own body.

10. You will find a sense of refreshment a new love to the pieces you already own.

You have other reasons?
Let´s chat and custom your experience.



Image Diagnosis

We will define what are your best colors according to the colorimetry season that your profile belongs to, study your face and body shapes to choose your best clothing fits and hairstyles, and discover your style according to your personality and lifestyle. You will receive a report with all these guidelines.

Closet Detox

We will dive into your wardrobe and together we will determine what adds and what subtracts from your image, leaving it functional for every day. I will create capsules with what you have, and with that, we can determine what items are necessary to purchase. These conclusions will be included in the report

Personal Shopping

We will go shopping together considering your colors, body type and style. We will compliment and create new look capsules. The shopping session may vary according to the specific needs



"For me having Nicole guide me was extremely important. Feeling pretty and secure in what I wear changes my approach towards my day. I had so much clothing and accessories, but never knew how to mix and match them correctly. Now I have a better understanding on what looks good for my type of body and colors".


"Nicole's image coaching session helped me understand my personal style and what clothes to wear based on my body type and preferences. She provided me with tips and suggestions for dressing for different occasions, and I feel more confident in my fashion choices. I now know what pieces to invest in and how to mix and match them for a variety of looks. Overall, I highly recommend her services for anyone looking to elevate their fashion game and feel more confident in their style".


"My experience with Nicole was amazing! She was capable of understanding my needs and making me feel comfortable and stylish at the same time. I highly recommend her if you’re considering a change for the better".
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